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COVID-19 Safety Procedures & Policies:


  • All vehicles to be disinfected when they arrive. This includes:

    • Fogging the interior of the vehicle.​

    • Sanitizing the keys, door handles, gear shift and steering wheel.

  • Product deliveries to be controlled:

    • Door bell at the delivery doors. ​

    • Limited shop access for drivers. They must wait outside or behind the chain.

    • Sanitize after signing paperwork.

  • No customers waiting for the installations. 

  • No installations of customer supplied products.


  • Showrooms are controlled:

    • Hand sanitizer / wipes on site.​

    • Showrooms not open for walk-in customers.

    • Front door controlled. 

    • Masks are mandatory for all visitors.

  • Sales calls limited:

    • Promoting Zoom / GoToMeeting visits whenever possible.​

    • Promoting phone & email communication.

    • No handshaking.

    • Masks are mandatory when meeting with customers.


  • Limited access to show rooms and shops.

    • Any visitor is required to wear a mask.​

  • Hand sanitizer on site.


  • COVID-19 Screening policy for all employees before entering the building.

    • Anyone who does not pass the screening test is not permitted to enter the building.​

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