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Ford Transit Side Sill.jpg


Woodfield offer several styles of flooring to meet all needs and budgets. We focus on floors that are highly durable, lightweight & dimensionally stable to ensure that you have a safe work environment. Entry sill plates keep the van protected from loading & unloading, and keep the van looking nice! Here's a few of the most common flooring options:

StabiliGrip: Poly structure with rubberized surface. Does not expand and contract in the heat, is very durable and has an anti-slip surface.

UltraFloor: Poly structure & surface for extreme durability. The rigid surface allows items to be pushed around, and is this most common option for delivery vans.

AutoMat: 1/4" rubber mat for superior grip. The bar finish makes is safe even in wet conditions.

Spray Liner: This option is excellent for areas exposed to high volumes of water, salt & chemicals.


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