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Mobile Pet Grooming Van Conversion

Creating the perfect up-fit for your line of work can be troublesome with what little space you have in your work van and the lack of customizability of stock items from suppliers. Woodfield Canada has taken the next step when it comes to giving you exactly what you need. With manufacturing capabilities, Woodfield can give you the option to choose custom dimensions. Below is a prime example of custom work completed for a dog spa company on wheels.

There are many different factors that impact what needs to be in the van for a pet spa on wheels to be successful. For the up-fit above, we needed to ensure the dog was comfortable during the grooming process and the groomer had the tools to get the job done. We installed an HVAC system to ensure the dog and groomer have ideal temperatures to work in. Furthermore, a water-resistant interior wall liner and insulation was installed to better control the temperature and to protect the electrical work from dog hair and water. The Water system is equipped for hot and cold water, as well as a drainage system. The electrical power system is 110V – large enough to run water, heating and a blow dryer. We utilized an auxiliary battery, so the van isn’t idling while stopped and still has enough power to run the hot water. It’s no secret that lighting is imperative when it comes to grooming dogs. We installed lighting that gives the dog groomers of Good Sniff Spaw the advantage they need when getting the job done. Lastly, we installed custom depth and size shelving for storing soaps, shampoo and grooming products in the vehicle.

Standard Vs. Custom

We still offer standard work van equipment for those who do not need anything extravagant within their line of work. Although we do have the capability to give you custom dimensions, we have a full range of standard products to choose from.

What works better for your fleet? Custom or standard products?

Would you change anything about your current work van layout?

We want your feedback so that we can better help you in the future, so do not hesitate to give us some feedback!

Certified Ontario Made

Ontario Made is a celebration of Ontario Manufacturing led by Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters. Buying Ontario Made products supports these companies and their workers. This helps grow the economy which feeds money back into the services we as Ontarians rely on, like schools, roads, and health care. It’s time for us to stand up and celebrate Ontario manufacturers and Ontario-made products.


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